The Nuovo Forno del Pane Outdoor Edition ON AIR's radio program is back!

2nd appointment:

Giorgia Lolli: How do the museum, the city, and the spaces we inhabit, choreograph our bodies and our desires?

Giorgia Lolli shares a dance of words, an invitation to those listening to an emancipated gaze on the present. The language, a central tool for sharing practices and leading groups, is nourished by bibliographic references and poetic intuitions collected in the last few months of research. Personal and collective archives intertwine with the sound suggestions created by Sebastian Kurtèn, sound designer and former artist collaborator, to build an experience in which the levels of the sensitive try to blend together and the body becomes capable of erotic relationships with the space that lives.

Duration: 10 minutes

Lorenzo Modica:

The artist creates a soundtrack in the absence of images. This practice deepens research on the submerged, archetypal, and shared narrative structures that constitute the scaffolding of meaning that we use to orient ourselves. By means of a sound "collage" that partially re-contextualizes concrete, electronic, contemporary classical, and indie music, environmental recordings made during the residency, and film clips, Modica wanted to give rise to a hypothetical narrative arc that crosses rarefied atmospheres, dark moments and segments marked by an emotional or comedic character. The outline represents a first draft in view of future restitution in the context of the NFdP.

Duration: 20 minutes