On the initiative of the Comune and the Città metropolitana di Bologna, the innovative experience of the Nuovo Forno del Pane, born at the MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna in 2020 to cope with the Covid-19 emergency and support artists by offering them a production space within the museum, has opened up to the wider radius of the six Cultural Districts of the Metropolitan City.


As part of the Officina Creativa per Bologna actions - a creating process of the urban cultural system promoted by the Municipality and Città metropolitana in Bologna, and supported by Fondazione Innovazione Urbana - the project offers the possibility to create a network able to enhance the most contemporary artistic investigations and become connector between the different realities already active in the metropolitan area and the artists working in Italy.

The selected artists and the places where they will be in residence are:


Lorena Bucur (Cremona, 1996) - Distretto culturale Pianura Ovest: San Giovanni in Persiceto, Convento di San Francesco

Beatrice Favaretto (Venice, 1992) – Distretto culturale Reno Lavino Samoggia: Casalecchio di Reno, Montagnola di Mezzo

Valentina Furian (Venice, 1989) – Distretto culturale Savena – Idice: San Lazzaro di Savena, 10Lines and Kappa NÖUN

Giorgia Lolli (Reggio Emilia, 1996) – Distretto culturale Pianura Est: Budrio, Le Torri dell’Acqua

Lorenzo Modica (Rome, 1988) – Distretto culturale Appennino Bolognese: Castiglione dei Pepoli, Municipio di Castiglione dei Pepoli

Davide Sgambaro (Cittadella, Padua, 1989)– Distretto culturale Imolese: Imola, Novella Guerra Art Centre


During the residency period of more than 4 months, the artists will be involved in in-depth studies dedicated to their individual research, in an extensive relational activity consisting of studio visits, conversations, open studios, public reports on the completed projects, as well as a public program of workshops and lectures. Particular attention will be reserved for the creation of a self-learning program, conceived by the artists together with the Museum's staff in order to share collectively new practices, knowledge, and desires.

The network of Cultural Districts will play an active role in building opportunities for exchange and connection with the territory.

Nuovo Forno del Pane Outdoor Edition is curated by Lorenzo Balbi, Caterina Molteni, Sabrina Samorì and coordinated by Giulia Pezzoli.