Letizia Lucchetti (Ancona, 1999) trained with Luca Bertolo at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she is currently attending the two-year painting course. In her artistic practice, centered on the medium of painting, she develops imagery, characters and personal narratives with a simple and naïf appearance. Her subjects' exaggerated smiles, pastel colors, anthropomorphic animals, and symbolic use of inanimate objects, distinctive features of her works, quickly transform such candid and amicable contents into eerie, mysterious, or tragically humorous. She received the Art Up Opentour Award in 2022 and has exhibited at NEVVEN Gallery, Bologna (2024), MLAC, Rome (2024), Adiacenze, Bologna (2023), RizzutoGallery, Palermo (2023), and LABS Contemporary Art, Bologna (2022), among others.